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Eden: ‘Massive Cruise Season’

More ships in Australian waters are playing right into the hands of a proactive port group in Eden.Six of nine calls scheduled for 2015-2016 are coming from P&O Cruises.
“We are getting better known as a recreational port, with good feedback from previous visits,” said Natalie Godward, cruise manager at Cruise Eden.
Cruise ships can look forward to a new breakwater wharf extension, coming in January 2016.
“The cruise lines are asking that their passengers have a great experience and get a taste of the area,” added Godward. “It is our job to over deliver on their expectations so we keep the ships and passengers coming back for more.”
Popular tours continue to be Eden and Sapphire Coast sight-seeing. Other well-attended excursions include arranged visits to the Whale Museum, national parks and an oyster tasting.
Source: Cruise Industry News